Executive Board Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2014 at Pond House Café, West Hartford CT 

Voting members present: Jim Bondi, Lonnie Burt, Lynn Bustamante, Diane Carsten, Maggie Dreher, Eileen Girgenti,  Abby Kassman-Harned, Ernie Koschmieder, Susan Maffe, Maureen Nuzzo,  Beth Pratt, Christine Wallace, Eileen Faustich, Roberta Jacobs, Nya Wellinski, Sue Yazdzik

Voting members absent: Nick Aldi, Diane Edwards ,Eileen Faustich, Joann Fitzpatrick, Maureen Nuzzo

Other members present:  Diane Burbank, Nancy Cole, Denise Di Mare, Linda Hubeny,  Mary Ann Lopez, Trish Molloy, Amanda Mueller, David Nichols, Dennis O’Connor,  Patti Patton, Lynne Pellegrini, Barry Sbordy, Jeff Sidewater,  


12:05 PM.  Meeting called to order followed by Pledge of Allegiance & Thought of the Day by Ernie Koschmieder

Approval for the May 6, 2014 Meeting Agenda- approved by unanimous vote

Approval of Minutes from February 4, 2014 meeting held at Pond House Café West Hartford, CT. – approved, general consensus

Action Items:

·      Proposed Policy Book Revision: Motion was made to review the proposed language changes. Trish read the proposed new language changes and a motion to accept the new changes was passed unanimously.

·      Proposed Procedures for Sponsor Invoicing: Motion was made to review & accept sponsor invoicing. Trish reviewed the new changes & the importance on getting all industry sponsors on the same payment date to provide clarity to sponsors & members. Denise Di Mare noted that most of the other states operate in this fashion. A vote to revise payment system that puts all sponsors on 6/1 payment system was passed.

·      Member Service Policy Book new Language: Trish read through the current language and then the new proposed language. Motion to accept passed unanimously.

·      Proposed 2014-2015 SNACT Budget: Abby read through the proposed budget. A lot of discussion was centered on the Food Show and its aggressive budget. A lot of the financial difference is in part due to the new system of all sponsors being on the same payment date. A motion to accept the 2014-2015 budget as presented passed unanimously.

·      Proposed Committee Chair Appointments for 2014-2015: Motion to accept proposed Committee Chairs as follows, Dave Nichols: Industry Chair,  Barry Sbordy: Education Chair, Cindy Brooks: Legislation Chair.  


Presidents Report, Trish reported about the USDA Wellness Policy Regulation. SNA is asking for the date to get pushed up to 2015-2016.  It should be a district wide requirement and should be the responsibility of the SFA. Also School food Marketing should be a district wide promotion as well. Trish commented that the proposed language actually says each school will be required to report back.

This year’s Winners State and National:

Louise Sublette: Erin Perpetua, Norwich, Heart of the Program: Ginny Grant, Tolland, Industry Member of the Year: Roger Siering, Rising Star: Ernie Koschmieder, Groton, Director Of The Year :Madeline Diker, Cheshire

Also, SNA is rolling out a new revamped Star Club Program beginning on 6/1/14 watch for more info.

 Treasurer’s Report: Jim Bondi reported that the major income producer this year was Food Show and Academy, generating 77% of revenue. Checking Balance as of 5/3 was $101,867.14

Membership Committee Report: Chris Wallace said there was 31 applicants for the ANC Bus. Also, Chris commented that every applicant will receive some scholarship money to attend SNA. There was 16 new members for the month of March, a great job to Chris was mentioned by Trish.

Program Development Report: Susan Maffe reminded everyone that the Awards Banquet is May 22nd at Anthony’s Ocean Front Restaurant in New Haven.

November 4,2014 is the Ct School Breakfast Summit and Food Show (election day)  at the Aqua Turf, this year’s theme is “Proud to Serve”.

Education Committee Report: Roberta said that she has had a lot of successful Training sessions. She also noted that they have found that the workers are the ones really into the trainings. Chapter trainings have been great.

Legislative Committee Report: Maggie Dreher and Jeff Sidewater said that they are planning a        visit by US Representative Elizabeth Esty in Waterbury. Dawn Crayco suggested having 4 mini events and the first event they are working on was in Waterbury focusing on school breakfast. The other 3 events, they are looking into other sites.

Marketing Committee Report: The Rudd Center is making a video on school meal programs & Lonnie Burt was one of the first to be interviewed. They are now looking into interviewing parents and students.  Amanda was present to make sure that the SNACT message was clear & concise. The remainder of the pieces to complete will be footage of school meal service. 

Closing remarks,

Trish reminded everyone of the upcoming events:

May 22, Awards Banquet

May 30, Leadership Training

ANC Boston July 13-July16

Nov 4, Breakfast Summit

Trish Thanked everyone for their support as this year’s President.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Ernie Koschmieder, SNACT Secretary