School Nutrition Association of Connecticut
Executive Board Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2013 at Pond House Café, West Hartford CT

Voting members present: Nick Aldi, Jim Bondi , Lonnie Burt, Diane Carsten, Maggie Dreher, Diane Edwards, Eileen Girgenti,  Abby Kassman-Harned, Ernie Koschmieder, Susan Maffe, Trish Malloy,  Beth Pratt, Christine Wallace, Nya Wellinski, Sue Yazdzik

Voting members absent: Nick Aldi, Lynn Bustamante, Jessica D’Agnese, Eilen Faustich, Joann Fitzpatrick, Roberta Jacobs, Maureen Nuzzo

Other members present: Amanda Aldred, Tim Cipriano, Dawn Crayco, Linda Fenton, Linda Hubeny, Carrie Hunnicutt, Brunella Ibarbolla, Mary Ann Lopez, Mary Ann Martin, Trish Molloy, Amanda Muellar, David Nichols, Dennis O’Connor, Patti Patton, Barry Sbordy, Jeff Sidewater, Allison Thurston.  


12:05 PM.  Meeting called to order followed by pledge of allegiance & Thought of the day.

Approval for the November 20th Meeting Agenda- Approved unanimously 

Approval of Minutes from September 17, 2013 meeting held at Pond House Café West Hartford, CT. – Approved by general consent.

Carrie Hunnicutt received recognition by Trish Molloy for the last 6 years of great communication and serving as Executive Director for SNACT. Trish also presented Carrie with a small gift from the organization.

Trish introduced Denise Dimare as our new Executive Director replacing Carrie Hunnicutt. Denise was selected from over 25 + applicants and the transition thus far has been going very smoothly, Denise added her credentials to the attendee’s.

Action Items:

Jim Bondi discussed the acquisition of the new Association Credit Card, its policy, how it works and any costs that are associated with it. A motion was proposed and seconded to allow SNACT to obtain a credit card from Webster Bank with written policy on handling. Motion was approved. Trish Molloy gave a few examples, such as reserving out of state hotel rooms etc. for conferences that SNACT may use this for.

Lonnie Burt discussed the upcoming December 5th End Hunger event. A motion was proposed and seconded to support the End Hunger event with a $500.00 silver Sponsorship. Motion was approved unanimously. Dawn Crayco explained more on what the event will do and suggested that two Committee members from Public Policy & Legislation should attend with the two complimentary tickets.



Presidents Report: Trish reported that the SNA National Elections has two folks from New York who have been voted into office.

Susan Maffe gave an SNACT ballet of candidates and hopes to have two candidates for each position, if  anyone is interested or know who may want to be on the ballet please let her know ASAP. The goal would be to get this into the next Nutmegger.

Amanda from Cashman & Katz asked that any great photos or stories be sent to her ASAP for the next Nutmegger issue due to be mailed out January 1.   

Mary Ann Lopez discussed a meeting that was held with Susan Fiore and stakeholders regarding the new chart that was set up with the new regs & proposed rules. They discussed sodium levels and other factors. Mary Ann also commented that we, as a state, are actually in a good place and that we will have until 7/1/14 before we need to implement these new changes. Mary Ann also mentioned that we have some great strength in why we need to maintain the 10 cent incentive. 

Executive Directors Report:  Carrie was happy to report that the Food show was up to 115 exhibitors which is the maximum allowed at Aqua Turf in Plantsville. Carrie sent the exhibitors a survey and will forward it to the Marketing Committee. It seemed like attendance was down possibly because it was held on Election Day and next year it will also be on this date in November. Trish asked how everyone felt about it being hosted on Election Day and noted that the timing could possibly be altered to help attendance. The possibility to add some afternoon training was suggested to try and get some more managers and staff to attend.

Treasurer’s Report: Jim Bondi commented that so far we had made 21-22,000 in profit off the Food Show. The Guest speaker and facilities were the two most expensive items.

Program Development Report: Susan Maffe talked about the Winter Academy scheduled for February 7-9th 2014. Also, as a reminder there will not be a Summer Academy as the focus will be on everyone attending the ANC that will be held in Boston Massachusetts this year.

Education Report: Trish discussed all that Roberta has done as far as training goes and the great things her and the Education committee has done this year. The committee plans to have another round of regional trainings in the spring, as well as a Food Sanitation class and/or a Nutrition 101 class.

Membership Services: Christine Wallace discussed new memberships and that there are scholarships available. She has been at several Chapter meetings marketing SNACT memberships and the contest to win a full ANC registration ticket was still in the works.

Public Policy and Legislation Report: Maggie Dreher discussed a conference call they had with Susan Fiore, a tentative meeting is scheduled for 12/10/13 regarding Legislation Day & how it could be changed up a little more this year.

State Child Nutrition Program: No state reps on hand. Linda Hubeny did comment that the state school meal counts are still down and she will keep us posted as we move into 2014.

 Mega Discussion:  Trish began the discussion based on marketing our programs and utilizing Amanda at Cashman & Katz, this is what they do and we are already paying for this service. Any and all stories help promote and get the word out, and they are looking at using social media to help. Also, they will do media alerts for us. Trish talked about the next Casbo meeting coming up in December and that they are having a Food Service Management Company coming in to discuss financial happenings in School Nutrition Programs. Trish also talked about sprucing up our Booth marketing items when we are out at an event. The big backdrop that we have is nice but we need additional marketing materials to distribute and possibly have a continuous video streaming and/or small food sample to hand out. 

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Ernie Koschmieder, SNACT Secretary  










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