Hot Topics for Directors

SNACT's Hot Topics for Directors are periodic lunch time opportunities for SNACT member Directors to meet at a restaurant for informal discussions about a pre-identified topic. They are free of charge but registration is required. 

November 16:

“Menuing and Purchasing: You have seen it at the SNACT show-

Take it from the show floor to your lunch tray"

Hosted by Key Impact Sales with Moderators Diane Burbank and Chris Scopetta.

Essex Train Station 1 Railroad Ave., Essex CT


Click HERE to register for Nov. 16 HT

Upcoming 2018-2019 Hot Topics:

January 25- Lunch line hurdles: tackling everything from allergens, charging policies to theft.

Hosted by J&J (represented by American Patriot Sales, David Nichols and Dennis O


March 29- Dealing with conflict in the workplace: when to coach, when to discipline.

Hosted by (Tacey Martinek)

May 3- Advocacy, Media and Marketing-- being an effective voice for your  program.

Hosted by Tyson & ConAgra (represented by Waypoint Melissa DeCoffe)