Industry Council

We are proud to work with our Industry Partners to find new ways to address trends, improve products and enhance service. The Industry Council meets regularly to help us plan programs and create new ways in which to serve our members.

2017 - 2018 Industry Council Members:

  • Roger Seiring, HPC, Council Chair
  • Erica Biagetti, Guilford, Co-Chair
  • Bill Gilmore, CAMBRO
  • Tacey Martinek,
  • Charlie Nolan, Asian Food Solutions
  • Dennis O'Connor, American Patriot Sales
  • Lynn Pellegrini, AJ Letizio
  • Debra Shechtel, BakeCrafters
  • Dino Tessicini, General Mills

Applications for SNACT's open Industry Council positions for 2018-2020 will be available in January 2018

Thank you to everyone who has served on our Industry Council!