Awards and Scholarships

Nominate Today!

CT school nutrition professionals do great work- nominate a peer or staff member for special recognition today!  Applicants must be SNACT members, or for Industry Member of the Year, a SNACT sponsor. Through the SNA/ SNACT Awards Program, we celebrate and recognize every-day heroes: school nutrition professionals who work every day to ensure well-nourished students across the country are prepared for success!  

SNA Awards include:

Director of the Year The Director of the Year award recognizes school nutrition directors for the contributions they have made throughout their school nutrition career.

Manager of the Year The Manager of the Year award, in honor of Louise Sublette recognizes school nutrition managers for the contributions they have made throughout their school nutrition career.

Employee of the Year The Employee of the Year award recognizes non-managerial school nutrition employees for the contributions they have made throughout their school nutrition career.

Detailed information about about the awards and the nomination forms can be found by clicking on the award names or click below!

Click here for SNA Awards

In addition to the SNA awards,  SNACT has Connecticut only awards. Our state awards are: (Click on the award name for a word version of the nomination form!) 

Rising Star Award Director and Rising Star, Manager: One Rising Star Award will be given to a Food Service Director and one to a Food Service Staff Member.

Industry Member of the Year Award: for Industry Members who go above And Beyond!

The Rising Star and Industry Member awards are due to by April 1, 2018.

Anniversary of Service Award The award will be given to school nutrition employees to mark 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years of service. This is your chance to honor your staff for the great work that they do. SNACT members and non-members are both eligible for the Anniversary of Service Award. (All Anniversary Award recipients are expected to attend the banquet and will be charged either the member of non member rate, depending on their status at the time of the banquet.) Applications are due to by May 1.

Award nominations are open now! SNA awards are due by March 1. Please click on the above awards for award guidelines and nominating forms.  The Anniversary of Service Award form is due by May 1, 2018.

Congratulations to SNACT's 2016-17 Award winners: 

Director of the Year: Maggie Dreher, Avon, Canton, Region 10

Manager of the Year: Susan Osborn, Montville

Rising Star, Manager: Kristina Crandal, Groton

Rising Star, Director: Erica Biagetti, Guilford

Industry Member of the Year: Bob Rosner, M&R Frosted Foods

Go for the Gold: Charter Oak Chapter and Yankee Chapter



SNACT Scholarships

Each year, SNACT sets aside funds for scholarships for SNACT members. These funds are to help SNACT members attend our State Conference. 

SNACT Scholarships

Each year, SNACT sets aside funds to help school food service employees attend our Fall Conference.

Applicants must:

  • Be an active or an applied SNACT member. ( Applied members are those who can prove that they have submitted a membership application to SNA by the due date)
  • Submit a complete application by the due date. Only completed applications will be considered.

Scholarship Guidelines:

  • Only conference registration fees will be covered. (hotel, travel, meals, additional Highroller tickets are excluded.)
  • Priority will be given to non-directors.
  • Priority will be given to individuals who have not received a scholarship in the past 12 months.
  • Payment will be not be made to districts.
  • Applicants will not receive direct payment for their scholarship.
  • In the case of partial scholarships applicants are only required to pay the registration fee not covered by their scholarship. Early bird rate will apply.

Applications are due by Wednesday Sept 27, 2017. Please send completed applications to

For additional information about scholarships please contact Tim Thurston  at

Click here for the 2017 SNACT Scholarship Application Form. 

SNF Scholarships for SNA Members:

Scholarships and grants are available through the School Nutrition Foundation, the philanthropic sister organization of SNA, for active SNA members to:

For more information and to apply for a scholarship or grant, please visit: