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COVID_ Vendor Resources

Industry Resources

SNACT’s industry partners are sharing information about emergency feeding products and material available for purchase or donation. There are links to product sheets and information when you click on the company name and more information in the file library below.  Please contact the vendor or their broker directly for information, availability, etc.  

All of our corporate members have been invaluable to school nutrition professionals as they quickly adapt to this unprecedented situation.  A full list of our members, with contact information, can be found  here

March 30 update: Cabot Cheese has dairy product available for donation. Click here for more information. Product sheet here





Affinity Group- HPC & Thurston

Grab 'N Go products

Sherri Cerruti, Affinity Group Infusion

At Your Service SalesMaidRite, American Bean, ComidaDeb Shechtel, At Your Service



Lynne Pellegrini, AJ Letizio

Apple and Eve

Shelf Stable Juice


Lynne Pellegrini , AJ Letizio

BakecraftersComponents, Heat N Serve, Thaw N serveDeb Shechtel, At Your Service


Emergency Feeding Menu Ideas & On the Go Products

Jill Ponder, Bongards

ConAgra Melissa DeCoffe, Waypoint

CORE Group

Grab 'N Go products

Heating instructions in Spanish and English

Chrissy Benoit, CORE

Country PureFrozen Juice Cartons Dennis O’Connor, American Patriot Sales

CR Peterson

Grab 'N Go Carts

Stephen Goldstein, CR Peterson

Diamond Crystal Brands

Lynne Pellegrini, AJ Letizio
General MillsFrozen Breakfast & Portable Products. Rebates for Breakfast, Snack and BakeryDino Tessicini, General Mills


Disinfecting products

Sterilizing Cabinet for equipment, utensils & masks

Tom Vajcovec, GMV

Hadley Farms Bakery

Dennis O’Connor, American Patriot Sales

Hershey Ice Cream

Temporary rolling freezers & Product

Ron De Barge, Hershey's


Emergency Feeding items

Dennis O’Connor, American Patriot Sales

JTM Portion Packed Bowls & cooking instructions Dennis O’Connor, American Patriot Sales
Land O Lakes Emergency Feeding & Grab 'N Go Melissa DeCoffe, Waypoint
LoveYourLunchroom.comSigns for Emergency Feeding sites & vehiclesLonda Arnfelt,

MCI / Los Cabos

Grab ‘N Go

Chrissy Benoit, CORE

Old Neighborhood/ Thin 'N Trim

Brian Scagliarini, Old Neighborhood


Vincent Nardone, Nardone's

Peterson Farms Freshapplesauce cupsMarty Zablonski, Peterson Farms Fresh

Pilgrim's Pride / Goldkist

Chrissy Benoit, CORE

ProView10 Emergency Feeding Meal IdeasDennis O’Connor, American Patriot Sales

Red Gold

Emergency Meal Kit Ideas

Stuart Wisel, Key Impact

Rich ChicksFully Cooked Chicken products Deb Shechtel, At Your Service


Grab ‘N Go

Stuart Wisel, Key Impact

Sky Blue Bakery

Lynne Pellegrini , AJ Letizio


Blog addressing K-12 feeding and COVID-19

Wendy Lajoie , Simplot


Grab ‘N Go

Chrissy Benoit, CORE

Tasty Brands

Thaw and serve for home or school  

John B. Foster, Tasty Brands

Tyson Foods  Virtual Toolkit of Covid-19 Resources  Melissa DeCoffe, Waypoint

Upstate Yogurt

Tim Thurston, Allison Erickson, Thurston Foods


Melissa DeCoffe, Waypoint

Wild Mike's

Summer Feeding

All product include home cooking instructions

Dennis O’Connor, American Patriot Sales

Yang's 5th Taste

Emergency Feeding items

Lynne Pellegrini, AJ Letizio


Emergency Feeding Products

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Information about products that can be used for emergency feeding.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Sterilizing Cabinet PDF (1.55 MB) Administration 5/21/2020
Heating Instructions in English & Spanish PDF (167.37 KB) Administration 4/21/2020
ProView_10EmergencyFeedingIdeas[1]__3_.pdf PDF (141.05 KB) Administration 4/21/2020
Bongards_K12_Emergency_Feeding_Ideas.pdf PDF (742.29 KB) Administration 4/21/2020
BCThaw_and_Serve_4.6.20.pdf PDF (4.64 MB) Administration 4/14/2020
BCHeat_&_Serve_4.10.20.pdf PDF (4.29 MB) Administration 4/14/2020
Bakecrafters PDF (2.25 MB) Administration 4/14/2020
Rich_Chicks_Brochure_Single_Pages_10.3.19.pdf PDF (877.59 KB) Administration 4/14/2020
MaidriteCN.pdf PDF (482.04 KB) Administration 4/14/2020
At_Your_Service_SNACT.pdf PDF (81.85 KB) Administration 4/14/2020
General_Mills_K-12_Portable_Product_Guide.pdf PDF (207.95 KB) Administration 4/9/2020
General_Mills_Frozen_Breakfast_Product_Guide.pdf PDF (172.51 KB) Administration 4/9/2020
Country Pure PDF (3.74 MB) Administration 4/8/2020
Wild Mike - Cooking PDF (128.37 KB) Administration 4/6/2020
Peterson Farms Fresh PDF (19.93 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
JTM_Portion_Packed_Products_0320__1_.pdf PDF (326.22 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
JTM_Portion_Bowl_Heating_instructions_BH_-_3-2.pdf PDF (83.46 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
Wild_Mike_SummerFeeding_2020.pdf PDF (3.38 MB) Administration 4/2/2020
Waypoint PDF (321.27 KB) Administration 4/1/2020
Hadley_Farms_Bakery.pdf PDF (42.88 KB) Administration 4/1/2020
Cabot_Donation_Food_Service_Items.pdf PDF (354.56 KB) Administration 4/1/2020
Cabot_Cheese_Donations.pdf PDF (27.13 KB) Administration 4/1/2020
Smuckers_Grab_and_Go_Flyer.pdf PDF (536.29 KB) Administration 3/27/2020
MichaelMFI_EGG_K12_GRABNGO_03.20.pdf PDF (919.08 KB) Administration 3/27/2020
LosCabosMK004_Web_Spec.pdf PDF (422.24 KB) Administration 3/27/2020
LosCabosMK003_Web_Spec.pdf PDF (379.18 KB) Administration 3/27/2020
LosCabosMK001_Web_SpecRev1.pdf PDF (368.24 KB) Administration 3/27/2020
Yang's_Emergency_Response_Grab_N_Go_Flyer_reci.pdf PDF (324.93 KB) Administration 3/25/2020
Thurston_Affinity_Grab_and_Go_3.19.2020.xlsx XLSX (145.22 KB) Administration 3/25/2020
HPC_Affinity_Grab_and_Go_March_2020.xlsx XLSX (104.03 KB) Administration 3/25/2020
Upstate Yogurt PDF (89.11 KB) Administration 3/25/2020
Core Group XLSX (27.73 KB) Administration 3/25/2020
Wow_Butter.pdf PDF (2.01 MB) Administration 3/25/2020
Albie's_Sandwiches.pdf PDF (394.49 KB) Administration 3/25/2020
Davids Whole_Grain_Cookie_Dough_POS.pdf PDF (3.21 MB) Administration 3/25/2020
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