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legislation & policy
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legislation & policy

SNACT plays a leading role in advocating for Connecticut’s school nutrition programs at the State and Federal level. We have built strong collaborative relationships with other child nutrition organizations in CT and nationally. 

SNACT also works to keep members up to date on changes in Federal and State programs. We help our members understand more about the legislation and policies that shape and impact child nutrition programs and the role that they can play in the process.

SNACT PP&L Chairperson Jeffrey SIdewater with COngressman Joe Courtney at SNA's 2019 NAC

SNACT's Public Policy & Legislation Chair Jeffrey Sidewater and Congressman Joe Courtney, along with Allison Erickson and Tim Thurston, at SNA's 2019 Legislative Action Conference

actions 2020

There are currently two bills that could impact school nutrition programs in CT. SNACT has submitted testimony on both. We will continue to keep you up to date on the progress of these bills. 


Raised Bill [doc]

The bill proposes to prohibit disciplinary action against public school children for unpaid school lunch charges, allows these children to eat what is served to all students and to allow any public or private parties to donate to payoff such debt.

The Committee on Children held a hearing on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. SNACT PP&L Co Chair Jeffrey Sidewater presented SNACT’s talking points on the proposal. SNACT president Ernie Koschmieder later submitted our testimony. Coverage of the hearing is below.

The proposal has been referred out of committee and SNACT is monitoring. 



The proposed bill requires school districts to develop a plan for discontinuing foam trays by 7/1/2021 and to discontinue use by 7/1/22 and to prepare to stop entering into contracts to purchase such products by 7/1/21.

SNACT president Ernie Koschmieder submitted SNACT’s testimony.

The proposal has been referred out of committee and SNACT is monitoring. 

Media coverage of 2/18/20 Hearing










SNA 2020 Position Paper 

SNA released the 2020 Position Paper, outlining the legislative priorities for the Association in advance of its 48th annual Legislative Action Conference (LAC). The paper calls on Congress to eliminate the reduced price co-pay and expand direct certification with Medicaid data to increase student access to healthy school meals. The paper also addresses adequate time for students to consume their meals; the need to preserve current flexibilities in school menu planning; USDA Foods (commodities) support for the School Breakfast Program; and ongoing efforts to streamline child nutrition programs.

Visit to read the 2020 Position Paper, which includes links for additional details.

actions 2019

School Nutrition: Building Blocks for Connecticut’s Future

SNACT 2019 School Nutrition Talking Points

SNACT 2019 School Nutrition Palm Card

SNACT collaborated with End Hunger CT!, the CT Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, FoodCorps and CASBO to create talking points on school nutrition. This document will provide you with statistics and facts you can use when educating your legislators and your school board and community about your program.

legislative tools


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